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Family Wealth Planning

There are more important things than just money, bank accounts, and financial assets.  You can not put the value on the price on your families history, beliefs, and heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation.  In most estate plans, these are assets that are forgotten about and not included within your estate plan.

Once we pass away, it is important to ensure that our family's values, behaviors, heirlooms, stories are passed on to our future generations.  This is just as important as managing your financial assets, such as real property, business interests, insurance and retirement accounts, and personal property.  At the end of the day these financial assets are extremely important but just as important is to keep your families legacy alive.

We offer a wealth of free information and free estate planning seminars in our area. Read our Estate Planning Articles or join us for a free Estate Planning Seminar.

We want you to feel confident and 100% satisfied with your estate plan – let us be your guide in creating a complete estate plan including preserving your families history.